At the Studio I teach you to be at ease with your voice, to use it to the best of its ability without stress or strain and to know how best to  keep it in shape. 

Regular 1-2-1 lessons available  - **following an initial assessment**.  One-off lessons available for professional singers. 

Singing training through the workshops suit everyone though, please enquire about the workshops as described in the news below.  I can do one-off workshops for one person only by prior arrangement.

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Located in Tittensor conveniently off the A34 between the towns of Stone and Trentham, so with easy access to both junction 15 (south Stoke) and 14 (north Stafford) of the M6. 

It is an ideal location for students in: Stafford, Stone, Stoke-on-Trent, Trentham, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

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As I have been mentioning I am currently only taking on students looking to either book regular lessons, or professional singers.  I would love to provide lessons for everyone to sing just for fun, but it is currently not possible to accommodate you all.  I am going to be offering singing workshops with a maximum of 15 per group, usually you'll find less people, but sometimes it is nice to come along with a friend and nice to connect with people in exactly the same position.  The reason for development of the workshops is I find adult singers (and some children) simply don't have the time to put in the practice to get the most out of progressive lessons.  So, to be able to get as much knowledge about technique and the voice a workshop is a great place to start.

There is of course no substitute for one to one lessons, but the development of the voice is a commitment, both financially and time wise, it is fine to dip in and out for one off coaching sessions for upcoming performances, but for people who don't currently sing often, regular lessons are the most beneficial.  The workshops however are designed to help you access all the information you need to get started or if already singing to continue with better techniques and motivate you to want to get into a good singing regime, whether amateur or professional.  In lessons we work very specifically on individual technique and habits and personal song choices.  

Workshops are the best way of not having to commit to regular lessons.  They give you a wonderful overview of the singing process with a lot of fun, networking and information along the way.