Book a Workshop

These vocal workshops are ideal for anyone who can't commit to regular lessons and wants some information or tips on how to sing better, practice and maintain a healthy voice. Run mainly on weekends to accommodate most schedules. Usually once or twice a month. Weekday workshops are weekly depending on demand.  Booked and paid for in advance to secure a place, maximum of 15 places per workshop.  More information on the website soon.

What they provide:

  • Networking opportunities with other local singers
  • A fun and interactive way of learning about the voice
  • No pressure to sing a song individually (or at all, you may just sit and listen if that's what you'd like!)
  • Understanding all the misconceptions of what you need to be a great singer (and there are many!)
  • Motivation for you to be in charge of your own development 

Vocal Workshops including:

  • Anatomy and basic warm-ups for all (held regularly)
  • Vocal Hygiene / Health & Maintenance (held regularly) 
  • Introduction to Singing Techniques (held regularly - subject to numbers) 

Please enquire for next available dates:

  • Voice techniques 1, 2 & 3
  • Positive Singing Workshop (for personal and on-site for corporate and away days)
  • Performance Interactive and advanced techniques (for professionals and serious singers)
  • Harmony singing
  • Music theory for singers
  • Sheet music reading introduction, 1 & 2
  • Expressive techniques
  • Mindfulness and relaxation in singing
  • Maintaining a Practice Schedule
  • Advanced vocal techniques

New workshops will always be developing and will hopefully continue to run on a weekly basis, subject to availability.

2-3 hours (schedule in advance) informative WORKSHOPS - £35 each, refreshments provided. 

Everyone welcome: existing students, new students, from professionals to beginners.