Policies and Procedures

1.      Please try to arrive on time to lessons, or 5 minutes early.  Upon arrival please press the buzzer at the gate and you will be let through the gates.  Please don't worry if you are not let in straight away I may be finishing up another lesson.  

2.      During a lesson you will be given a series of exercises to practise and tips to help your technique. Whilst I understand we all have busy lives, you will always get the most out of your lessons when you practise these exercises in your own time as recommended.  Remember that your vocal development is essentially your own responsibility.

3.      Once a session has been booked you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the date, time and studio address and directions.

4.      Cancellation policy – I am happy to rearrange lessons, occasionally due to other work I may have to do the same with short notice, however I will always provide at least 24 hours notice and expect the same for all cancellations.  The full fee will be charged for cancellations of less than 24 hours.

5.      If you are running late please let me know and I will try and accommodate, however most times this will affect other student’s lessons.  I book slight breaks in between to record progress and unfortunately like to run to time, the full lesson fee will be charged even if you only have part a lesson. 

6.      Lesson Fees can be paid in cash on the day or with cheque or via paypal ahead of the lesson.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or telephone if you have any questions or concerns.